Some of the Cheapest Cryptocurrencies in the Market that Have Incredible Potential to Grow

The crypto market has been doing incredibly well over the current year, especially in terms of attracting new investors. However, the market might soon grow to a point where it might be too expensive for you to jump in. Or you might not want to miss the current tide that is going to take off soon. Either way, you want to get into the crypto market, and this might be of some use to you. Here are a few cheap cryptocurrencies to dip your feet into this year.

VeChain is a fairly niche cryptocurrency that has yet to take off. They firmly believe that Blockchain has an integral role to play in creating the foundation for various other technologies. These include IoT, AI, VR, AR, and much more. VeChain is currently trading at a quite low $0.14, but holds incredible promise. Overall, it might prove to be quite a valuable investment.

Dogecoin is one of the oldest coins in the market, and is one that jumped on the crypto bandwagon as a joke. However, throughout its time in the market, it has been able to consistently stay in the top five biggest cryptocurrencies of all time according to market cap.

It has been doing quite well since the beginning of 2021. In January, it was able to sustain a market cap of over $47 billion. It also happens to be Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency, as he usually tweets and admires its work.

Cardano is another incredibly popular cryptocurrency that is doing quite well in the market. It is the first cryptocurrency to have been developed on methods based purely on evidence and market research. Furthermore, it has been founded on research that was peer-reviewed. It is currently trading at a very reasonable $2.92. It is able to provide unmatched sustainability and security in a decentralized business environment.

Monero started its journey in the crypto world in 2014. Since then it has managed to grow to an incredible price of $305. Overall it has been doing quite well since its launch almost seven years ago. It was one of the first crypto tokens at the time to have no instamine or premine. Furthermore, none of its block rewards go to development.

Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency available, and is possibly one of the fastest spreading. While it is not growing at the rapid pace of Bitcoin, it is more of a slow burner. The Ethereum Network is their blockchain platform that allows developers to create the various apps ad even other crypto tokens. It is currently trading at $3,900, and holds great promise in the future. It is also significantly less volatile than Bitcoin, thanks to its supported blockchain network.

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