South African Low Income-Earners Can Obtain Lease from Crypto Firm For Installation of Solar Panels

The African region is at the number after the US in terms of capitalizing on the crypto industry.

Nigeria, which is part of the African region, is at the top country in the region where crypto is a normal reality. However, over the past two to three months, the Nigerian crypto industry is in grave danger because of government policies. In fact, several anti-crypto policies have been implemented in the country, which have completely jeopardized the growth of the crypto economy. Yet the country still remains the top crypto user in the African region.

But since when Nigerian Government turned its back towards crypto, South Africa started to cultivate its crypto industry. Crypto adoption in South Africa is continuously growing on fast pace basis.

According to the latest crypto development taking place in South Africa, a new project has been launched promoting crypto adoption. Apart from ensuring crypto adoption, the proposed project is also environment-friendly and cost-effective too, suggest the report.

It was reported that one of the premier property developer South African company namely New Age Properties is working on a crypto project. It was later on confirmed by New Age Properties itself that it has entered into partnership arrangements with a crypto company namely Sun Exchange. The partnership has been established for the purpose of introducing the concept of cheap and clean energy. Furthermore, this cheap and clean energy will be provided to a particular class i.e. low-income earners.

Details of the project suggested that the project has been designed for first a gated housing scheme called Watergate Estate. As per the partnership, Sun Exchange can be reached out by owners of the properties in Watergate Estate for seeking financial assistance. In return, Sun Exchange would ensure lending them financial support through crypto on a lease basis after fulfillment of procedural formalities. The gated community members would be able to install solar panels at their low-cost houses and enjoy cheap and clean energy.

New Age Properties has the vision to work on the concept of “go green” and for a long period of time promoting the concept.

It was pointed out by New Age Properties that it is certain that the project will be successful. In fact, they have already been appreciated by the public and private sectors with regard to the project. The company intends to introduce more projects of the same kind in other parts of the country as well.

It was further suggested by New Age Properties before this project, low-income earners had never dreamt of having such projects for them. In fact, such projects were designed specifically for a particular class of people i.e. elite and rich. However, the company wanted to build a project for low-income earners so that they too can derive benefits from it.

The company told that the lease of 20 years can be obtained by any member of Watergate Estate’s community.