South Korean Authorities Arrest 178 Darkweb Users From South Korea For Crypto-Related Criminal Activities

The Seoul Police authorities from South Korea have recently arrested people on suspicion of using Darkweb for criminal activities.

Seoul Police Arrests 178 People

According to the police authorities from Seoul, 178 people have been arrested for the suspicion of buying and selling drugs. As per the authorities, the people were allegedly using Darkweb in order to carry out criminal activities.

These people were running drug trades through Darkweb and taking payments in cryptocurrencies. The people involved in the drug trades were involved in using cryptocurrencies and digital assets for the purpose of payments.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Report

The Seoul Metropolitan Police department has recently shared a report revealing the generalized descriptions of the people who were arrested.

The report has revealed that out of the total 178 suspects, 12 are suspected to be drug dealers while the rest are suspected to be customers.

The police authorities have revealed that all the suspects they have arrested were involved in using the Darkweb portals as well as the cryptocurrency payment methods.

Seized Possessions by the Authorities

The officers at the Seoul Metropolitan Police department have confirmed that they have confiscated many possessions because of the arrests.

According to the authorities, they have confiscated large amounts of other drugs, 12 kilograms of Marijuana, $8,500 in cash, and digital tokens.

Among the drugs, the authorities confiscated were MDMA (ecstasy), ketamine, and cannabinoids.

Payments for Drugs

According to the police authorities, the majority of the payments made by the suspects were carried out using Bitcoin (BTC).

The law enforcers have revealed that most of the suspects they have under custody at the moment are between the age group of 20 and 30.

Only a small portion of the arrested suspects are from the age group of 40 to 59.

Why Use Darkweb?

The report has also revealed the reason why the “would-be” dealers used the Darkweb to carry out drug trades.

Through the Darkweb, the dealers were able to post ads for the drugs for free, courtesy of using the platform. However, the dealers demanded 10% on top of the actual price of the drugs as a commission.

The customers and the dealers were using cryptocurrencies for the purpose of payments. A platform had been set up where the customers could go and pay using cryptocurrencies.

Who are the Platform Operators?

Although the authorities have arrested the suspected dealers and customers, they are still searching for platform operators. They are the main culprits who facilitated the entire process and connected the dealers with the customers.

The authorities have revealed that they have been recording a rise in such activities. Especially the youngsters are involved in using Telegram and other similar platforms as well as cryptocurrencies, and Darkweb for such criminal purposes.