Southampton Football Club Integrates Bitcoin, Players Can Receive Salaries & Bonuses In Bitcoin

There are certainly indefinite benefits for crypto adoption and integration. This is why at the global level, Bitcoin and other major crypto coins have been rampantly integrated. Similarly, the crypto adoption trend is also paving its way quickly in the sports field as well.

It has been reported widespread that several Football Clubs are exploring the possibility of integrating crypto. It was apprised by FIFA as well that they are willing to learn more about crypto. FIFA intended that very soon crypto will be a norm in the football industry as well. Online football stores will accept payments in crypto towards merchandise and online ticket purchases.

But before FIFA could come to any foregone conclusion regarding crypto integration, an English Football Club has joined the crypto industry.

It was reported that a famous English Football Club known as Southampton Football Club has integrated crypto. It was further told that a deal concerning sponsorship has been entered into between the Club and is a brand name and a project of a famous crypto group namely Coingaming Group. As per the terms and conditions of the sponsorship deals, the t-shirts worn by Club’s players will contain the logo of This is because, under the agreement, has also acquired t-shirt sponsorship rights as well.

The Club has also issued a press statement last week explaining the reasons behind the agreement. The Club stated that Bitcoin induction will ensure great benefits for the Club as well as for its players.

It was further explained by the Club that any player of the Club, who wishes to receive their contract payments in crypto, can do so. The primary crypto-asset which will be used for settling players’ benefits and salaries would be Bitcoin, told the Club. However, payments won’t be mandatory on the basis of Bitcoin. In fact, it would be the prerogative of the player whether he wishes to receive funds in either Bitcoin or in cash. But both options would be available to each and every player, informed the Club.

Meanwhile, David Thomas, who is the Chief Commissioner Officer of Southampton Club, also appreciated crypto and He stated that the crypto company has developed a lucrative business venture for the Southampton Football Club. He added that the club players’ as well as all of their team members are eager to be a part of the crypto world. He said that many players have reached out to him and told him that they were willing to receive their bonuses on the basis of Bitcoin.

Thomas further said that already there are a few players who are owners of Bitcoin and are familiar with cryptocurrencies. He said that almost all players are aware that Bitcoin is the best returning asset out there and believe that it will be high in value after 5 years.