Steve Wozniak of Apple Inc. Says Bitcoin Is Amazing & A Miracle

Addressing the audience at Talent Land Jalisco 2021, Steve Wozniak of Apple Inc. said that to him Bitcoin is amazing and a miracle. He told that he never invested a dime into Bitcoin nor plans to do so in the future but he firmly believes that Bitcoin is the future currency.

Steve Wozniak, who is now 70 years old, is known by his other name “Woz” and he is one of the co-founders of Apple Inc. Nowadays, this acclaimed computer engineer is deeply involved in a movement called “right to repair”. The movement speaks for the rights of the users to repair their consumer products without sending them to the manufacturers. Through the movement, UK has passed a law asking manufacturers to provide spare parts of consumer products directly to the consumers. In this way, the consumers would not need to pay exorbitant repair charges and huge prices of spare parts.

Wozniak, has very often, talked about crypto and on several occasions remarked that he himself is a big-time fan of Bitcoin. Back in the year 2018, had also told that he was going to get associated with a crypto trading platform. At that time he also suggested that what he likes most about crypto is its inherent independence. He also stated at that moment that crypto is very much like the internet, which emerged in the world. However, he then also clarified that though he likes Bitcoin that doesn’t mean he is infatuated about it.

Yet, very recently, Wozniak was at the event called “Talent Land Jalisco 2021”. While engaging with the virtual audience, he once again talked about Bitcoin and said that Bitcoin is not only amazing but is a miracle as well. He also told that since Bitcoin’s inception date, he hadn’t invested a penny into Bitcoin. Nor does he wish to invest any in the near or far future, clarified Wozniak.

However, he spoke delightedly about Bitcoin and appreciated that it is being adopted worldwide. He then compared the invention of Bitcoin with the invention of the internet.

Wozniak had once launched his very own cryptocurrency which he had named after himself as “WOZX”. Although this cryptocurrency still exists it is not one of the major cryptocurrencies of the world. However, the good thing about WOZX is that it has a clean mining process which is 100% pollution less.

The present market value of WOZX’s single unit is US$ 0.719 and in terms of Bitcoin, the value is about 0.00002146. Since its launch, WOZX has been able to fetch a market capitalization of over US$ 82 Million. From 2019 till 2021, when the crypto market was skyrocketing, heavy gains were accumulated by WOZX as well.