SuperWorld – The One-of-a-Kind Augmented Reality Real Estate Platform

Whether you want to play monopoly in the real world or earn some passive income, look no further than SuperWorld, an all-inclusive AR real estate platform aimed at providing people with a new kind of experience to buy and sell AR real estate on Ethereum blockchain. The platform employs ERC721 standard to allow users to buy a plot of their choice anywhere in the world. You can select any available plot of land you think can bring you profit later.

It’s a 100% safe and secure platform, providing you with a great opportunity to double your investment. All you need is to pick the right location to attract potential buyers. For instance, if Eiffel tower or any other popular tourist spot is available to buy, you should buy it before someone else does. The team at SuperWorld is very friendly and always listens to your queries quite patiently. People are very excited to try this platform and over 220+ hot locations have already been sold.

The platform employs a very easy to understand and intuitive user interface, meaning one can easily comprehend everything available on the platform. To get started with SuperWorld, you first need to install MetaMask Chrome extension. You’re supposed to use a difficult MetaMask password to stay on the safe side. After you’re done with MetaMask installation, buy some Ethereum (ETH) to start investing in locations around the world.

Superworld also plans to create a decentralized advertisement platform whereby advertisers can promote their products using augmented reality DApps. How you look at SuperWorld AR real estate concept? Have something to add to this story? Please feel free to offer your thoughts in the comment box below.