Survey of US Crypto Owners Reveals They Wouldn’t Be Selling Their Crypto Even In Dire Situations

Bitcoin has been up for re-acquiring the value it had lost in the past three months while the overall crypto economy is moving towards rebounding. Meanwhile, a survey that surveyed crypto owners in the US revealed that even if there are dire situations and in case of an emergency, still they wouldn’t be disposing off their cryptocurrencies. Instead, they want to make sure that they keep them safe for the future time where it is expected that Bitcoin would be worth more than US$ 500 K.

On daily basis, there are surveys going around throughout the crypto global market and every day there are results of surveys are announced. Surveys are as important in the crypto world as they are essential for every industry of the world. They not only allow the investors to determine the ongoing market trends but also help them understand consumers in the most effective way.

In the same spirit, a survey was conducted for obtaining the opinions of crypto owners from the US. The survey was titled “Cryptocurrencies 2021 Survey: Save or Spend”.

For the purposes of this survey, about one thousand American crypto owners were surveyed. Out of these thousand crypto owners from the US, they could be categorized into four categories. These categories are divided generation-wise and include Millennials, Baby Boomers, Generation Z, and Generation X.

The survey revealed that there were 442 individuals were from Millennials and 212 were from Baby Boomers.  Similarly, 206 respondents belonged to the Generation Z category and 135 were from the category, Baby Boomers. It was noted in the survey that all of the respondents don’t want to lose their cryptocurrencies intentionally or unintentionally. It was also revealed in the survey that most Americans have been owning and possessing cryptocurrencies. Their average crypto ownership can be estimated at a value of US$ 1,707 each.

However, what is interesting about the majority of American crypto owners is that they are not willing to sell their crypto coins. In fact, they want to keep them until the times come which is awaited by most of the people associated with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. They are optimistic that in a matter of 2 to 3 years Bitcoin’s value is going to be above US$ 500,000. This would be the time when they would want to get rid of their crypto coins, they claimed. Approximately 51% of the respondents shared the same point of view that they don’t want to sell their coins in the near future.

The survey also revealed that there out of thousand surveyed respondents, 37% were those who were one step ahead of the 51%. They claimed that even if they were faced with financial difficulties, they won’t be selling their cryptocurrencies. They would not be spending their coins even if they were to enjoy luxuries, they claimed. They said that they did not buy cryptocurrencies to sell them in emergency situations. The sole purpose of purchasing cryptocurrencies is to get more and more profits and that’s it.