Swap.Online – Decentralized Bitcoin Wallet & Instant Atomic Swap Exchange

Swap.Online - Decentralized Bitcoin Wallet & Instant Atomic Swap Exchange

Having problem finding a reliable crypto wallet for your crypto ventures? Look no further than Swap.Online, one of the best crypto wallets that provides you with top of the line features. It’s a multi-currency wallet that you can browse directly from your browser. You don’t need to go through any downloading process; all you need is to go to Swap.Online to get started. It’s very simple and easy.

Although it has many features that make it stand out from the rest, we will talk about the most important ones. Its built-in P2P exchange feature employs a one-of-a-kind Atomic Swap technology that allows users to exchange different cryptocurrencies between various blockchains.  Moreover, users can also set their own exchange rate without the interference of any third party.

Swap.Online is probably the first crypto wallet to implement USDT and EOS. It’s fully licensed to operate as a crypto/fiat exchanging services provider. It operates 2 to 10 times faster than other stock exchanges available in the market. When it comes to users’ privacy and safety, Swap Online doesn’t store and use the private information of users. They employ a very powerful security system to keep potential security issues at bay. Users can rest assured that all of their funds and private information will remain safe and secure.

The team at Swap.Online is very friendly and passionate about providing you with all-inclusive cryptocurrency exchanging services. Messages between the users don’t pass through their servers (they use IPFS). As already discussed above, users don’t need to install or download any apps. The exchange is designed to work in the browser. The wallet maintains 100% anonymity and unique AML/KYC neutrality, meaning no one can freeze your assets or block any transaction.

Here’s what the team at Swap.Online says about its wallet and exchange services:

‘’We offer unique cryptocurrency exchange solutions: full decentralization, rapid speed, orderbook, build your reputation, user-friendly interface. Our aim is to provide people with the direct and instant crypto exchange based on the principles of safety and decentralization.’’

The system is already working in conjunction with Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, and they also plans to add more exchanges with Lighting and Tether network in the days ahead. Swap Online employs unique crypto exchange solutions: super-fast speed, full decentralization, build your reputation, orderbook, and user-friendly interface. Users don’t send their funds to the exchange; instead, they send their money directly to each other using their wallets. There’s no involvement of third party apps or systems that can potentially lead to security and privacy problems. They don’t store users’ money or private keys, all the exchange procedures are done inside the browser.

The platform is also ideal for those looking to raise cryptos for their ICOs. You can encourage your customers to buy your crypto tokens with most popular digital currencies on their site. In short, Swap Online is a complete package for both novices and pros who want to take their crypto ventures to the next level.