Technology and Transparency – Key Features of Buxcoin



In terms of Market capitalization there is no comparison between them as Bitcoin has a $132.9 Billion market cap today. Buxcoin seems superior when it comes to technology, purposes and transparency. (the above image highlighting key differences between them)

Buxcoin was Introduced in 2017 as a forex payment gateway to solve the financial transaction problems in forex business globally without any third party involvement such as PayPal or a bank. Buxcoin supply is limited to 500,000,000 coins which creates supply and demand, which is healthy for a store of value.

Bitcoin vs Buxcoin


Alright, it’s not really a “technical fact,” but it’s an important point: Neither of them is governed by a central authority such as a team, government, or a financial institution. This means that no one can influence the price of the coins to any degree or have control over your coins as they please, as is often the case with your money with the government or taxes (the IRS gets paid firstly on your wages then they let you what’s left, same thing if you have to pay legal fees for any lawsuit).


The Bitcoin community is huge and is the oldest one (even of their community is divided with all their forks), millions of users, and active forums and everything… but notice that Buxcoin have more than 100k people are involved in their community.

Technical Features and Utility

Bitcoin is fantastic, but the block size limit created a bottleneck, what’s the issue with that? The transaction fees are increasing too fast, and the processing of transactions is slow because transaction throughput is limited by the block size limit, so payments are delayed. I remember a few years ago, I waited like 3 hours to get my transaction (on my wallet). The bitcoin’s theoretical transaction throughput is 27 transactions/sec but is closer to is 3.3 and 7 transactions per second. Some proposals were made to improve this, though. You can buy anything with Bitcoin, everybody knows it: hardware, services, pizzas (we all know the famous example of the expensive pizza) and even art and real-estate.

Buxcoin, with its lightening transaction feature, can reach 7000 transactions per second, this eradicates bottleneck attack and engages millions of peers at a time. You can’t buy so many things with Buxcoin (compared to BTC), but the coin is rising, they even have their own exchange called Cashfinex, and you can use Buxcoin to trade on the FOREX and also have a leverage position with it! So, it might be a good thing for all the traders out there.


We all love Bitcoin, but it’s expensive right now, and the potential upside is limited. For example, even if you have even money to buy one ($7500) and if you are lucky in the 10 months-2 years, it will reach a price of $15k you will only get an $7.5k profit (2 times your money).

With other altcoins and some promising projects like Buxcoin the potential upside is way better (I remember when I was investing in XVG at $0.004, and it went crazy 800%. It was unbelievable, and why it was possible? Because it was a cheaper coin. With Bitcoin it would be impossible. So, stack up your coins and get some Buxcoin (a small stake for your portfolio).