The Knowledge of Cryptocurrencies is constantly on the Rise, Shows Survey

There was a time when hardly anyone knew about cryptocurrencies and had the knowledge of how they worked. As the cryptocurrency industry started growing starting 2020, the understanding of cryptocurrencies has also become common.

Nowadays, many people are interested in learning and investing in cryptocurrencies more than any other online trading asset. Over time, more people are understanding cryptocurrencies and they are adopting trending means of profiting from cryptocurrencies.

Just recently, a survey was conducted by Skrill to understand the mindset of people and users around cryptocurrencies. Skrill is the digital wallet for an online payments solution called Paysafe. Paysafe is a product that is preloaded with the denomination and does not contain any of the personal information of the users.

The product is perfect for those who are skeptical and find it difficult to trust online sources for sharing their personal and financial information. With the help of Paysafe, customers can pay online without having to share their personal or financial information and acquire services and products.

According to the survey conducted by skrill, 29% of the respondents confirmed that they now had better understanding/knowledge of cryptocurrencies than they had in the past. Then another 26% of participants confirmed that they are now interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. However, they would not have invested in cryptocurrencies around 12 months back.

This means that the situation has changed a lot around cryptocurrencies in a matter of 12 months. This shows that the cryptocurrency industry has gained much exposure and recognition all over the world. The credit for cryptocurrency recognition goes to the pandemic that resulted in many people moving to the cryptocurrency industry.

Skrill has confirmed that it had carried out the survey and collected the results between March and April of 2021. According to Skrill, it had acquired the service of Sapio Research, in order to carry out the survey. Sapio Research is a consumer market research agency that is known for carrying out several surveys and collecting extensive data for different sectors.

Sapio Research has confirmed that for Skrill’s survey, it had reportedly targeted several thousands of users. However, the total number of respondents was 8,111, who provided their feedback and useful insights around the cryptocurrency investment sector.

Sapio Research has also revealed that the 8,111 respondents were from different countries. Some of the major countries with the highest number of respondents include the US, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Germany, Canada, and the UK.

Surprisingly, 38% of the total respondents have confirmed that they have already invested in cryptocurrencies. From the total number of respondents, 84% of them have confirmed that they know about at least one cryptocurrency. Out of the 84% participants, 64% have confirmed that they have knowledge about Bitcoin (BTC).