TheOceanCleanUp Receives Crypto Donation Amounting to US$ 100 K from SafeEarth

A project of environment safety has been launched under the name and style of TheOceanCleanUp. The main purpose of the project would be to manage plastic waste in order to keep the environment safe and unpolluted. Since the project is new and being non-profit-based, therefore, it requires donations for running and maintaining its operations. Recently, in order to kick start the environment-friendly project, the project has received its first funding in crypto.

It was reported that TheOceanCleanUp has been sent crypto funds to the tune of US$ 100,000. It was further told that the donation has been provided to it by a blockchain-based donation entity called SafeEarth.

SafeEarth is a globally renowned blockchain entity that has been established for charitable purposes only. The entity is funded by institutions and individuals and thereafter the money received to it is further provided to other charitable organizations. However, the donations from SafeEarth are given only to those organizations which are working for making the environment neat, clean, and unpopulated.

The funds that have been received by TheOceanCleanUp will be utilized by the organization for the removal of waste, particularly plastic waste.

It was further apprised that SafeEarth had taken out this money from the funds collected through its transactional fee. Before the donation, SafeEarth had told that a certain average from each transaction money will be kept separately. These separated funds were then to be provided to an organization working for the betterment of the planet’s environment. The basic aim and objective of SafeEarth are to promote green initiatives for bringing in long-term environmental change.

Donation money in the form of crypto was received by TheOceanCleanUp which was later confirmed by TheOceanCleanUp’s, IT Head, Steven Bink.

Bink in his personal note also thanked SafeEarth and stated that they have gladly accepted the generous donations. He also thanked SafeEarth for choosing them for sending its first charity.

SafeEarth is working on several projects relating to the elimination of pollution. One such project undertaken and promoted by SafeEarth is PlasticChallenge. The project was launched by SafeEarth on the globally famous social media web place known as Twitter. Through this project initiative, SafeEarth invites people to come and join them for ensuring the removal of plastic waste. The project was launched by SafeEarth in the last week of March 2021. Since the project is titled a “challenge” therefore users taking up the challenge are rewarded with cash prizes. For instance, the usual prize money is set as US$ 3,600 which is in fact paid in crypto tokens issued by SafeEarth itself.

From the date when the challenge went viral, trade volume for SAFEEARTH tokens has increased immensely i.e. around US$ 3 Million. Furthermore, SafeEarth was able to lock an amount of US$ 1.5 Million in terms of liquidity as well.