Through Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Became a Bitcoiner

The famous film star Mila Kunis told her fans that Ashton Kutcher, who is her husband, some 8 years ago, introduced her to Bitcoin. At that time, she was not convinced that she should invest in either Bitcoin or any other crypto product. However, over the years, she has grown fondness towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because she understood the purpose of cryptocurrencies.

Mila Kunis has been involved with the showbiz industry since she was a child. She had appeared as a child star in various popular American TV shows. By the time she was getting younger, she got offers to appear in films as well. Since then she had played lead roles in many films. However, there was one particular film which put the star in the limelight was “The Book of Eli”. The movie was performed really well at the box office as it did a business of US$ 157 Million. In this movie, Kunis played the lead role along with one of the greatest film actors of the US cinema, Denzel Washington.

She married a co-star namely Ashton Kutcher and the marriage is continuing since 2015.

Recently, Kunis was invited to a TV show called The Late Show where she appeared with another celebrity namely Stephen Colbert.

At the show, Kunis told the audience that she is fully acquainted with cryptocurrencies. In fact has been able to fully grasp the idea, concept, and purpose of the cryptocurrencies told Kunis. She apprised that her husband, Ashton Kutcher, introduced her to the world of digital assets. He also told that it was some 8 years ago when she did in fact invested in Bitcoin along with Kutcher. Since then she and her husband constantly pour extra money into cryptocurrencies.

She also revealed that her husband is curious about everything, especially innovation. However, he cannot do anything alone and always convinces her to be a part of his plan. She added further that Kutcher is a smart man but he also believes one does not need to always adhere to his wife’s advice.

Kunis also told the audience about her relationship with Kutcher before their marriage. She stated that they dated for at least three years. After considering that they should move ahead with the relationship, they got married in 2015. However, during their dating time, two innovative ideas were introduced in the world i.e. Bitcoin and Uber. Kutcher in fact asked her to try Uber sometime to see if it is worth anything. She responded that why should she ever try if she had a car of her own.

Similarly, a few days later, Kutcher came to her and asked her that we should invest in Bitcoin, said Kunis. At first, she said to Kutcher that this was the worst idea she had ever heard from Kutcher. However, he had the power to convince her and she officially became a Bitcoiner since then, revealed Kunis.