Tim Berners-Lee – Founder of “World Wide Web” – Sold an NFT for US$ 5.4 Million

The world’s oldest auction house namely Sotheby is currently busy selling a large number of NFTs. These NFTs belong to various artists from the fields of sports, music, film, TV as well as famous personalities of the world. Although NFTs, which are known as non-fungible tokens, is relatively a new product that has emerged from the crypto. However, it didn’t take NFTs a considerable amount of time to go mainstream. In fact, the idea was so unique that it was adopted and implemented instantaneously.

The world’s famous music stars like Eminem and Jay-Z too have successfully sold their NFTs very recently.

Now the NFT has been joined by one of the world’s most deserving man i.e. Sir Tim Berners-Lee. It is expected that there is a possibility that the majority of people from modern times do not recognize this man. However, he is the person who is the founder of the “worldwide web” which he created in the year 1989. In simple words, he is the inventor of the world of the internet. Berners-Lee is an English scientist and because of him today, the cross-borders distance has been removed. He has united the world in one place called “the internet”.

An NFT was duly developed by the founder of the world wide web and later it was put to the auction through the world’s oldest auction house. Berners-Lee’s NFT was comprised of the same source code which was originally the code developed for the worldwide web. When the NFTs were put up for sale through Sotheby, intriguingly there were a large number of potential buyers who were interested. However, the bidding closed at a whopping price of US$ 5.4 Million and was successfully sold.

Before putting the NFT for auction, Berners-Lee himself clarified that he had not contained the actual source code in the NFT. In fact, the NFT is containing a picture of the source code. He also clarified that the picture he had composed with the help of a program called Python, whose owner was Berners-Lee himself.

At the occasion, Sotheby said that it was an honor for them to sell an NFT for Berners-Lee. The auction house further stated that the whole world is indebted to him because he had invented an entire universe through the code.

What was more interesting about Berners-Lee’s NFT was that Sotheby had no reserved any bid price. In fact, the price was deliberately left open. Sotheby thought it would be better if people are allowed to determine the value of these NFTs on their own. According to Sotheby, most of the potential buyers had consented to the idea because they too were of the view that NFTs were priceless. The buyers too expressed their immense respect and gratitude to the inventor of the worldwide web.