TIME Magazine will Receive Payments from Grayscale in Bitcoin

Things You Should Know Before Trading Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin fever has been running high thanks to various influencers out there vouching for it where Elon Musk would be a primary candidate. Not only this, the institutionalization of Bitcoin has urged the financial sector to take a deeper interest in it and even adopt it as one of their payment options. This has been done on various fronts, and to this date, the fever has not died down but has only intensified over time. TIME magazine, which is possibly the oldest digital publishing company around, has recently agreed to be paid in BTC, and the news is also not false or anything but was made public recently. This commitment of the TIME magazine is not as new as in the past; the magazine has shown affiliation for Bitcoin a number of times and on many different occasions. 

This news source would have to be the announcement made by Michael Sonnenshein, the CEO of Grayscale, and the news did spill out as the leading crypto asset manager has finally partnered with TIME magazine to produce a series of videos regarding cryptocurrency. This video series will be centred generally around cryptocurrencies and their rising need among people and financial sectors, to be precise.

TIME Magazine Getting Paid in BTC

In some interesting turns of events, the leading digital publishing outlet TIME magazine has agreed to the fact that at the end of the project, they will be paid in the top digital currency. It is not going to be a bizarre request, or financial transaction of its kind as there are others joining it, such as MicroStrategy has finally decided to pay its board of directors in Bitcoin; this was a long-overdue decision that did only hit the surface. MicroStrategy has a reputation of being a pioneer when it comes to leading the road of evolution featuring Bitcoin and the use cases that can be built around it. It was the first one to buy Bitcoin and trade it and is once again the first to use it for the sake of paying for a service.

But now TIME magazine has also reserved a spot in here, and not only this according to a recent job posting for their new CFO, but TIME magazine also requested that the candidate must be comfortable with the flagship asset and other digital cryptocurrencies as this confirms the crypto evolution that is about to hit the world.