TONS Labs Backs Free TON blockchain with $6M

Free TON blockchain was developed by TONS lab, a blockchain company. However, the decentralized software funding was obtained from an investment of Runa Capital and RTP Global. This investment was pushed by Venture Capital Firm, and $6 million was acquired to support the development from TONS labs. A major reason for the investment made by Runa Capital was to push for a change in creating a new product environment for Free TON blockchain. This new product environment is set to achieve the fastest transaction protocol for blockchain technology users based on its unique and sophisticated sharing mechanisms.

Free TON blockchain provides a change from other blockchain Platforms

Approval of this development was mentioned in a statement made by Dmitry Chikhachev, a partner at Runa Capital -which is an experienced technology and software investor company. He accredited the software -it tackles major technical problems- to be different from other blockchain platforms. These words of his were backed with actions by the company investing in Free TON. Moreover, TON Labs is the first and only blockchain company to receive funding from this Runa Capital.

This is a pointer to the benefits and potentials that could arise from this refined decentralized software. Stephan Ivanov, an RTP executive, an investor of early-stage technology companies, also declared his approval of the Free TON blockchain. He firmly believes that TON labs can expand blockchain space to accommodate more users and move blockchain from being accessed by specific users to mainstream technology.

Free TON merge with Dune Network

Free TON was taken as a project by a group of software developers, validators, and users to rebuild Telegram’s failed attempt at blockchain launch. This project, Free TON, achieved a mainnet status in December 2020. After a New York federal court gave an order to the Telegram team due to the legal disagreement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, this led to the abrupt stop of the blockchain platform development, TONS labs took over, built the TON operating system, and developed Free TON which emerged as the finalized works of the original Telegram codes.

This occasion was celebrated to mark the declaration of decentralization in the blockchain. Few months after the Free TON achieved having over 400 people and separate decentralized organizations that validated its software platform, TON merged with Dune Network; this is another blockchain platform that focuses on user accessibility. This merge is to increase users of blockchain technology. This merge will be finalized this year after a total allocation of TON crystals to the Dune Network.