NFTs have staged a fast but steady growth this year. From being an unknown term to most people in January, NFT is now sweeping across sports, movies, music, and even science!. This week was eventful as a lot of activities happened. From Ross Ulbricht’s auction to a DNA-based Star Wars NFT in Miami, we covered the hottest stores here.

Ross Ulbricht Auction Goes Live

Famous artist and founder of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, has put up his artworks for auction. The auction has started and will end late on Thursday night. Ulbricht’s works cover his life at different stages. Although he is in jail, the artist has continued to push for his release. According to reports, the proceeds of the auction will be split in two.

One part would go towards art charity, while the other would be used to fund the ongoing campaign for his release. Ulbricht’s collection, titled The Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection, is said to have attracted interest from many of his Twitter followers.


A daring NFT project exhibited in Miami is perhaps the hottest news to long-term Star Wars fans. The NFT is the digitized signature of Gene Roddenberry, the famous financier of the franchise. Roddenberry made that signature in 1965 and it has now been immortalized as an NFT, a good 30 years after he passed on.

The NFT, called El Primero, debuted at the Miami NFT exhibition a couple of days back.

Amazingly, El Primero was encoded into a living bacteria’s DNA and is set to replicate itself following the bacteria’s replication code. This means that the NFT will reproduce billions of itself in a matter of hours. The project leaders called it a wonderful combination of science and science fiction. A top scientist was hired to perform the DNA encoding.

EPL Considering NFT

Reports suggest that the management of the English Premier League might be considering signing up NFT platform. The adoption of NFTs in sports is growing and the top league might be looking to get in early. Many fans are now open to the new digital collectibles that will see them own art of their favorite football stars forever.

The EPL is reported to be interested but will take it slowly and carefully to avoid pitfalls and to get the best deals for its fans. The league is set to commemorate its 30th anniversary next year. In those three decades, it has become the number one soccer league in the world with viewership across 188 countries in every continent. The adoption of NFTs is expected to increase its popularity and influence.

Adidas Partners Bored Ape for Metaverse Project

Top design company, Adidas, announced a partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club to develop projects in the metaverse. The partnership also includes PUNKS Comic, and gmoney NFT. all parties are going to contribute towards creating new and exciting NFT projects in the metaverse.

More deals are expected as the big brands find their best entry points into the inevitable metaverse.