TORG Goes Live Throughout Global Exchanges as First Sustainability Driven Token

Acceptance for cryptocurrencies, even among skeptics and critics has been growing exponentially for some time now. More and more people are starting to embrace cryptocurrencies, as they either invest them or use them as a payment method. Some people are even embracing crypto over more traditional forms of investment like the stock market and gold.

But getting to this point has not been a fluke. Cryptocurrencies have worked very hard to reach their current status, eventually growing out of their initial perception of just a fad. Swift success, decentralized control, reliable supply, and massive returns have gone a long way to making people take the market seriously.

However, most cryptocurrencies simply exist to take in investments and give back returns. And for most people, that is more than enough. But for investors that are looking for something unique, can invest in TORG, the first sustainability-driven cryptocurrency.

By sustainability-driven, TORG means that it will be focusing on more than just growing as a cryptocurrency. It will also be focusing on improving the world and making it more sustainable. With a unique selling point like that, people have been coming in droves to support this token. And through all the help that it has received, it is going live on all global platforms.

As the first sustainability-driven cryptocurrency, it still retains all of the things that make crypto so much fun to use. It is still completely decentralized, but it will also be completely utility-focused. TORG is marketing itself as the world’s first Ultime. Simply put, it will be combining sustainability with a focus on global utility, with the power of meme-driven popularity. The result will be a cryptocurrency that will not only provide benefits to its investors, but also to the world and crypto market.

TORG only started in July of 2021, and its maximum supply has already reached 777 billion.  What is more impressive is that their current circulating supply is at 100%. As for security, TORG has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that their investors’ money is completely safe. It is an ERC-20 token secured on the Ethereum Blockchain. This alone makes it one of the safest cryptocurrencies to use on the internet. Moreover, Certik, one of the best Blockchain security companies in the industry, will be auditing their Smart Contract.

The TORG Foundation, responsible for the cryptocurrency TORG, is going to send waves throughout the crypto market. One of the major goals of this token is to help reduce the carbon footprint of its users, playing its part in building a healthier tomorrow.