TradeVtech Review – A Recommended Trading Platform

TradeVtech Review

TradeVtech logoOne of the indications that you have signed up with the right trading services provider is that you will not hesitate from recommending it to others. I was in a position just a few years ago where I was signed up with a company for two years. However, when my friends asked me if they could try it out, I was scared. I started to say to myself, “Why am I reacting that way?” Why couldn’t I just recommend the company that I had trusted for two years to my friends? That’s because I was not having the best time of my trading career with that company.

Things changed for me when I signed up with TradeVtech. This is the company that I can say to this day really understood what I was hoping for as a new trader. From giving me confidence through several trading support tools to offering me an intuitive and modern trading platform, TradeVtech went above and beyond to make my trading experience great. Now, that was not just some special treatment for me. Even if you sign up with this firm, you will realize that its treatment for every trader is what every trader can wish for.

Today, I am writing this complete review for you to have an in-depth of this online broker and then decide if you would like to begin your trading journey with it.

Broker TradeVtech
Trading Type CFD Trading
Available Assets Stocks, Indices, Forex Pairs, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Platform SIRIX (Trade Station, Mobile Platform, Web Platform)
Education Center Yes
SSL Security Yes
Segregated Funds Yes
AML and KYC Yes
Account Types Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond
Minimum Spreads 0.1pips
Customer Support 24/7 (Phone, Email, and Web Form)

Features That Make TradeVtech Recommendable

·         Your Funds Are Maintained Separately

There are certain things that you might not be fully aware of if you are a new trader. However, it is important that you pay attention to everything before you sign up because a wrong step can result in issues later on. So, when you deposit funds in your online trading account, this money can go in one of the two directions. It can go in the account of the company or it can land in an account that the company has maintained separately for traders. If you are with the right company, you will always notice that they have separate accounts for their traders.

With this firm, that’s exactly what you will get. The money you deposit in your account, no matter how much it is, will go in segregated funds. According to the standards of the industry, the company will put your money in accounts that are not used for its own money. Furthermore, the accounts used for traders’ funds are maintained at banks that have to be well-audited and regulated. This assures you that you have signed up with professional people who know how to take care of your money.

So, it does not matter which account you open with TradeVtech, you will get to deposit your funds into accounts that are only for you. The company will not put your money in accounts where it puts its own money. That’s usually the practice of online scams that have only one account where they accumulate all the money from everyone and disappear later on. Here, you can establish trust in the company right from the company because of these safe practices.

·         SSL Certificates and Encryption

You might think that when you open your trading account with the company, you just have to deposit funds in an online account. However, you cannot forget that fact that this account has to be in your name. It should be an account uniquely for only you so only you can deposit your funds in the account. For that, the company will require you to submit some identification documents. You will submit them through pictures that you can take from your smartphones and send to the email address that the company has provided you with on the website.

In addition to that, the bank account that you are using should also be confirmed and verified with the online broker. You will take the pictures of your credit cards, bank statements, and other relevant documents to send them to the company before you sign up. Now, at this point you will know that before you even transfer money in your account, you are giving out the most valuable thing to the firm, which is your information. Based on that, you need your trading services provider to assure that it is protecting your information through proper measures.

The security measures on TradeVtech are some of the best and most solid. You have the website that has all the SSL certificates installed on it. In addition to that, you also have the guaranty from the company that it will encrypt all your information before it is stored on its servers. This means no one can access your information without authorization. Even if they do, the information will be in a coded form that cannot be broken just like that.

·         Anti-money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policies

You should familiarize yourself with these policies before you even spend a penny in trading. There are many different types of online companies that can provide you with trading services. You have to make sure that you only sign up with ones that have some ethical trading in place. You can’t just pick the first company that you think it impressive. Yes, many online trading brokerages show you a lot of different attractions in the forms of bonuses and perks to make you sign up with them. However, you realize later that they offered you all of it only to steal your money and information from you.

There are instances when the person who signs up with the company does not have the intent of trading. This person could be someone who has stolen money from somewhere and is now looking for a place to hide that money. The can often use these online brokerage firms for that purpose. Since these brokers provide their traders with trading accounts, these people try to open accounts with them and put all the money in those accounts. The problem is that this money has been earned illegally and thus it is the job of the trading services provider to stop such traders from signing up in the first place.

That’s where anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer policies come into play. The standard of the industry is that the trading platform should ask every person to provide ample identification information before allowing them to sign up. Secondly, people are only allowed to use the same account for withdrawing that they use for depositing funds. They also have to prove that they actually have the credit card in possession from which they are sharing the number. This keeps unlawful financial acts from being performed on the trading platform. You will be glad to know that TradeVtech has those policies in place and the firm follows them very strictly for every trader.

·         Education for All Traders

You need education before you can use your money for trading. You have to understand the world of trading, how financial markets work, what makes certain assets volatile, why people invest in certain assets, and what the best times of trading are. All of this is only possible when someone who really knows about this stuff is prepared to offer you all the knowledge. This is where your trading services provider comes in. It gives you all the assets it has that help you learn trading from start to finish. Whether you are trading for the first time or need only a fresher before you start trading again after a long gap, you will get everything that you need.

The ebooks have been written by people who really know what trading is all about. These ebooks are not the generic ones that you get from other online platforms. Those books are nothing more than introduction to trading, which you can literally get for free on YouTube. So, spending your money on subpar learning is not a great idea. With TradeVtech, you will get the highest quality education for all your learning needs. You will learn through ebooks but if you need more elaboration of every concept, I recommend that you go with videos that explain to you everything in detail.

If you look at the account types this company provides you with, you will notice that you will get access to an online financial course. This course will explain everything that you need to know about financial trading. This course is great for not only beginners but those who have some advanced knowledge already. The best thing is that this course is included with every account. So, just because you are signing up with a basic account does not mean you will not get access to it.

·         Training for Everyone

Education is not the only thing you will get with TradeVtech. In addition to that, you will get training in a lot of other forms. You have the firm providing you with lots of resources through which you can learn the way you want. You don’t have to face the public if you don’t want. If you notice the account types, you can participate in webinars if you sign up with the platinum or diamond accounts. However, not everyone is comfortable participating in webinars. While webinars offer you learning from the best experts of the industry that provide you with details on their first-hand experience of trading, you can get some private training as well.

You are lucky if you sign up with TradeVtech because you will get the private training sessions included in your account. Whether you sign up with the bronze account or the platinum account, you have this account included in the features. This means you can learn from an expert without any distractions. You can ask any questions that you might have in your mind about trading. You can obtain all the knowledge that you think you are missing from your trading experience through these one-on-one training sessions. This broker has sweetened the deal even more by providing you with another additional resource for your training, and that’s the analyst manager.

When you trade, you have to analyze a lot of things. In fact, all the trading signals and indicators that you see on your trading platform are here for analytical purposes. So, once you sign up with the company, you will have access to an analyst manager as well. You don’t have to spend extra money to get the help of this professional, whereas you might have to do that if you sign up with another online trading platform. With this one, you have everything in your hands without spending a fortune.

·         Asset Index for a Variety of Trader Types

When I entered trading, I thought I would be trading only a few assets. I was always overwhelmed with the idea of trading a variety of assets. I always thought that it was going to cause me a lot of problems. Well, the reality is that things seem difficult to you in the beginning because you don’t even know how to trade. Once you have learned the basics of trading, everything becomes second nature. You can now put your money into other experiments that can yield a lot of great benefits for you. That’s when you realize that you should be spending your money on other assets as well.

I also realized the meaning of putting eggs in the same basket. I always had experts telling me that I did not have to put all my eggs in the same basket. It took me some time to realize the meaning of that. Today, I invest my money in a variety of assets. If one of the assets I have spent my money on goes down, I can still cancel that effect from another asset, which is going up. That’s the same thing I recommend you to do. When you sign up with the company, you will have access to a variety of financial markets, and within those markets, you will have a variety of assets that you can pick your favorites from.

If you think you can benefit from currency pairs, I am telling you that you will have more of them available on this platform than you will have on any other platform from any other company. In most cases, you are only limited to the major currency pairs because they are safer and less volatile. However, you can explore your trading limits when you sign up with this company. You can trade minor and exotic currency pairs if you are tired of trading major ones. You can also trade gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals. You can trade cryptocurrencies, energies, stocks, indices, and much more than you can imagine when you are with TradeVtech.

·         Account Types for Different Investor/Trader Types

The trading accounts that you get from an online broker matter a lot. You can’t just pick any online company for trading without putting any thought into which account you should pick. If you research a little, you will discover that most online companies provide you with many options to pick your trading account from. The idea is that every trader with different set of requirements should be able to find something that suits them. However, in an attempt to make everyone happy, these companies either put too much in basic accounts or deprive them of everything. On the other hand, the features included in these trading accounts are very intelligently picked.

For example, if you go with the bronze account, which is a basic account on the list, you will not get the VPS services. VPS stands for virtual private server that makes sense for you to use when you are pulling off a lot of trades in the same day. For a new trader who barely trades once in a day, there is no need to be on a VPS. So, it makes sense that you are not getting any VPS with the basic account. However, if you talk about one-on-one training and online financial course, you get access to that even with the basic account.

You will not be able to attend webinars with the bronze and gold accounts and you will not have any access to the analyst managers. Now, you might think that these are two big benefits that you are not getting, but let me tell you that you are getting help from one-on-one training, so you can learn a lot from there. You can also use all the materials within the online financial course to your advantage. Now, if you are going with the diamond account, you will notice that the commission you have to spend on each lot is very low compared to what others have to pay with lower accounts. For example, if you trade  one lot of indices with the diamond account, you spend only $9 on commission per lot.

On the other hand, if you have signed up with the bronze account and you trade the same lot for the indices, you will have to pay a commission of $15. This difference can go bigger when you enter bigger trades and trade a lot of lots at the same time. So, you can see that you are getting some great benefits if you go with the advanced and professional accounts.

·         One of The Best Trading Platforms You Can Ask For

Signing up with TradeVtech means that you land on one of the best trading platforms that online brokers have to offer. There are many different types of trading platforms that you can enjoy trading on, but only a few can qualify to be the best ones. I can tell you that in my experience, MetaTrader 4 and SIRIX are the only trading platforms that really stand on the same level. They offer you some trader-friendly features, a very intuitive graphical user interface, and many features that you can say benefit you on a daily basis as a trader. They are also very much compatible with just about any device that you can own today.

With TradeVtech, you are getting the SIRIX trading platform. It does not get any better than this because the company has decided to offer you the trading platform in different forms. You can include this platform in your life without any hiccups because of how compatible it is with different devices. The SIRIX Station is meant to be a powerful trading platform that you can use on your desktop computer. If you are into customizing things according to your preferences, you will love this one. On the other hand, if you want something plain and simple for your mobile device, you can go with SIRIX Mobile.

It is amazing that you will get this trading platform in all these formats for signing up with the company and not paying any extra cost. Lastly, you have to look at the web-based version of the same trading platform. This version is there for you to use on just about any device you can think of. It is on the website and has to be used just like any other website. With the major browsers used all around the world, you can open this platform on just about any device in the world.

Final Thoughts

Now, you tell me if these amazing features are not recommendable to people. You see, the first concern most people have when they sign up with online trading services is safety. Your money and information are safe with TradeVtech plus you are getting a fast and modern trading platform. The trading conditions are great and you have plenty of assets available for trading. There is nothing missing in this equation. The deposit methods are easy and the website has provided you with ample information to get in touch with it when you need help.