Two Unknown Bitcoin Whales Have Transferred A Total of 31,099 BTC For a Fee of $46

As the price value of Bitcoin (BTC) has come very close to hitting $17K, Bitcoin whales have started moving their funds. While keeping a close eye on Bitcoin’s current volatility in the cryptocurrency market, two unknown Bitcoin whales have moved a massive amount of funds in BTC. At the time of transfer, the total amount was worth nearly $500 million.

As reported by the blockchain monitoring tool called Bitcoin Block Bot, two Bitcoin whales whose identity is unknown have transferred 31,099 BTC in total recently. The amount was worth approximately $492 million. For this gargantuan transfer, a total of $46 fee was paid by these anonymous cryptocurrency whales.

Data shows that an amount of 17,187 BTC which is worth approximately $268 million was transferred by the first Bitcoin whale. This transaction was made to two different wallet addresses. 13,912 BTC was sent to one wallet address in three transactions. The remaining amount of 3,275 BTC was also sent into three separate transactions to the other wallet address.

While on the other hand, the second Bitcoin whale also transferred the amount of BTC to two different addresses. As per blockchain explorer data, this whale made five separate transactions to move 10,637 BTC to one Bitcoin wallet address. On the other hand, to send 3,275 BTC to the other wallet address a total of four transactions were made by the whale.

According to the data shared by BitInfoCharts, the first whale is said to have created its wallet address on the 11th of November originally. On the same day, it obtained this massive amount of BTC. As soon as the whale received this amount, it became the 42nd wealthiest wallet address within no time.

The identity of these Bitcoin whales has not been known so far. However, some believe that they might be financial institutions or cryptocurrency custodians that are keeping an eye on the digital asset holdings on their client’s behalf.

Meanwhile, the price value of the world’s largest digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) has neared the $17,000 figure. In another tweet, Bitcoin Block Bot claims that the probability of Bitcoin to close above $17k this month is around 26.10 percent. At the press time, Bitcoin’s price value is standing at around $16670 with a positive change rate of nearly three percent in the last 24 hours.