Berry Moore, a congressman of the United States, has reportedly been making a significant investment in cryptocurrency for some time. His purchased currencies include ADA, Ethereum, and Doge. The trading disclosures containing all this information were submitted, on 2nd July, to the country’s House of Representatives.

It has been evident in the disclosure that Doge, following its low prices due to a crash in its value, has been invested in a great amount by Congressman Moore. Because of this, he has become the first among the congresspeople to have directly invested in cryptocurrencies. The disclosure also pointed out that some other coins have also been bought by him. The fact that he had bought Ethereum, Cardano, and the other coins in one month, has been mentioned in the disclosure.

The particulars about the holding of Moore were not provided by the report. However, it clarified the price ranges regarding the purchases by revealing that $1,001 and $15,000 were the figures between which the value of Moore’s holdings exists, and Cardano is having the biggest proportion of his investments.

Crypto and Politics

Politicians have been arguing well on cryptocurrencies as it is a worth debating point. The majority of them have been opposing the crypto and digital assets, supposing that the markets of finance could be hurt as there were no regulations imposed on them. Others have raised concerns regarding the volatility of crypto, stating that it could cause them to lose their holdings quickly as they and their subsidiaries have been investing in crypto.

Nonetheless, some politicians have been voicing to support crypto. In 2015, Rand Paul became the earliest presidential candidate who accepts donations in cryptocurrencies. An announcement has been made by the Liberian Republican that it would accept BTC (Bitcoin) donations. Recently this year, Senator Lummis had announced that she would provide her full assistance for the cryptocurrency as it would prove to be an appropriate method of exchange and a legitimate stock of value. Similarly, the congress committee of the National Republican Party has also shown the intensions to start accepting crypto donations.

Crypto regulations

Increasing anxiety is surrounding the crypto space regarding the regulations since the reports have been showing a spike in ransomware attacks. Biden administration has been under immense pressure to devise some tangible schedule about the digital asset regulation.

Despite these circumstances, many aforementioned politicians are investing and supporting crypto, which shows that political spaces are not altogether hostile to crypto.