VanEck to Launch Bitcoin Futures ETF as SEC Rejects Spot Bitcoin ETF

In the past, two different Bitcoin futures ETFs have been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and as we move into the future, a third one has also found its way into the US market and is now finally open for institutional investors and interested people. This specific futures ETF for Bitcoin belongs to VanEck and has only been made available a week or so ago. The release was somewhat delayed as there was another ETF proposal filed by the same company, which was a physically-backed product, and it got rejected by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This shows just how much promise the Bitcoin futures ETF market proposes in terms of battling the ongoing inflation, enhancing the investment quality of the crypto market, and eradicating unbiased distribution of investment opportunities for the common investor. The first Bitcoin futures ETF which got launched a month or two back, became so successful that the Securities and Exchange Commission ran into multiple applications for approving various other ETF proposals.

This led to the approval of a second Bitcoin futures ETF, which also went great, and both of these got booked completely after a few hours of being approved and starting trading. This brings forward a forming pattern of excitement and urges among the investors to get their hands on the Bitcoin futures ETF market. If this whole thing becomes successful and goes mainstream, then there are chances that the smart contracts and non-fungible tokens would also be made available for investing as there is a viable market for that. The only thing these futures ETFs are at odds with each other is the management fee.

Some charge more while others charge less, and with a number of exchange-traded funds approved for Bitcoin, there is definitely going to be a competition. This competition could only be won by those who are willing to provide people with some options and delighting sentiment in terms of lowering the management fee for their investment and other such initiatives. The third Bitcoin futures ETF failed to book itself completely as many slots are still open for people who want to invest their money; it seems that all of a sudden, the interest of people in exchange-traded funds of crypto nature is diminishing.