VeChain-based App E-HCert Will Help Combat Coronavirus In Cyprus

Difficult as it might be to believe, a VeChain based solution will be deployed in Cyprus with the goal of fighting against the Covid-19 virus. To this end, Chris Pana, a consultant linked with digital transformation and based at the country’s Mediterranean Hospital, had recently made the launch of the new and improved E-HCert app known to the public.

i-Dante had been reached out to in order to help make this initiative a reality. i-Dante is a company that specializes in providing both healthcare as well as pharmaceutical solutions. Through this partnership, the aforementioned app shall serve as a sort of ‘electronic test’, which will allow individuals to have their respective lab results be verified and validated with the goal of ascertaining the person’s Covid-19 status (whether he or she is positive or negative).

E-HCert app to be used as ‘digital proof’

A blockchain by the name of VeChainThor shall be used to guarantee the information and data that will be collected through the app, which will then be subsequently sent to and from the abovementioned Mediterranean Hospital. With this setup, the app can therefore be utilized as digital proof, which Chris Pana stating that the E-HCert app is already live within the hospital and that over 500 individuals have managed to receive their lab reports and Covid-19 test results in just the past two weeks alone.

Data that had been provided by the VeChain Foundation had managed to somewhat confirm Pana’s claims as it showed that 100 individuals had indeed been vaccinated at the Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus. The VeChain platform shall also be the place where the information gathered by the E-HCert app shall be stored and made readily available for any user to access at any given time.

The Foundation, therefore, confirmed via an official statement that the initial 100 Covid-19 medical personnel records for vaccination had indeed been recorded and safely secured for storage onto the public blockchain. It further commented that both governments, as well as their individuals, will be provided with the best quality possible when it does come to the services provided and that result validity and reliability are ensured.

E-HCert app makes history

The app is the very first of its kind as it is the inaugural solution that provides a realistic and practical approach to fighting against the Covid-19 virus in the ongoing pandemic whilst employing a public blockchain.

The solution is the 4th that has come from i-Dante and VeChain for the phase of deployment. The app had been developed in less than 12 months thanks to the contributions of determined staff and continuous resource supplies. Lastly, the E-HCert app was designed to operate alongside E-NHL, which is also an app that was made to store records for various medical institutions.