VeChain Gets a Mention in the 2021 Forbes Blockchain 50

Through it’s Twitter page, VeChain gets a mention in 2021 Forbes Blockchain 50. About 150.3 percent in the last 14 days, VET VeChain trades about $0,23 with around 84.4 percent and 15.6 percent profits in the weekly and daily chart, respectively. Plus the rallies, the firm enjoyed a significant milestone that can offer new impulses to the corporate adoption. The VeChain Foundation has revealed that VeChain is mentioned in the 2021 Forbes Blockchain 50. This has been celebrated thrice in a year. The occasion was established to provide definitive accountings for the firms that use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Have Entered into the Mainstream

In 2020, Forbes declared that Blockchain and Bitcoin have entered into the mainstream. And with rising interest and usage in several sectors, the technology possesses a practical effect in the corporate industry. The 2020 Bitcoin surge caught the C-suite executive’s attention globally; the firms doesn’t only employ the technology handling Bitcoin to work on tasks like verifying the provenance of products and reconciling invoices, but also dozens are holding Bitcoin now as their treasury assets.

The outlines are software firm MicroStrategy, headed by Saylor Michael; Ant Group, created by Alibaba Group ex-executive chairman; Coinbase, Binance, PayPal, Square, Samsung, and Square. Furthermore, the VeChain Foundation maintained that Blockchain has been transforming the traceability industry and its supply chain to remove inefficiencies. The foundation thanks Archana Sristy for having the mention in the 2021 Forbes Blockchain 50. VeChain is proud and happy to power on the Food Traceability platforms of Walmart in China.

Is the Recent VeChain’s Price Action Manipulated?

Justin Bennet, the Trader, is bullish on the native token of VeChain. But he thinks that the day rally would have caused by the “large Discord group.” Justin Bennet categorized the rally of the token as inorganic while saying that there was an attempt and manipulation in price action yesterday.
Bennet revealed that the coordinated VET pumps happened on Friday and took nothing from the basics behind the VeChain. VET merits to be the place it is now. I believe it will go from $1 to $3 this 2021, Bennet added.

About 200,000 people are members of Discord group Bennet, and their claimed move collides with big trading volumes of VET in exchanges of South Korea. Conversely, VeChain Justin trader stated that VET is assured of a “parabolic move.” From the shared chart, VET has created a “massive bullish Cup and Handle Pattern.” Plus, the trade volume increases; this can send VET to about 377 percent rally.