Vincent Confirms That Crypto Searches Are High On Its Platform

Many traditional banks and financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase and Co, looking to enter into the cryptocurrency space, have suggested that they would likely do so based on huge customer demands. That is understandable, as the cryptocurrency space continues to be one of the most sought after investment space globally, according to new reports from Cryptodata. Hence, this has been why the space is growing at an astronomical rate, especially with the popularity of its top digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, Vincent, a new investment search index platform launched last November, has confirmed that Crypto searches are currently high in its space.

About 44% of its users searched for Cryptocurrencies in February

Vincent, also known as Kayak or Zillow, is an investments search platform that helps individuals with the latest investments in the news. Since its launch last year, the firm has pride itself as one of the topmost investment indexes in the world. However, in its new report detailing the search details of February 2021, it discovered that about 44% of this search was related to cryptocurrency. Before this time, the investment search platform has always had more searches under real estate than another space.

It is also worthy to note that cumulative report details show that Real Estate searches still topples every other sector in the platform. However, with crypto searches topping the charts in both January and February 2021, the platform will likely see another trend as the crypto market’s popularity continues to be on a high. With more than 50,000 subscribers, Vincent is an open source investment search space, and it provides its users with bespoke investment options classified on their earnings.

Vincent Executive is pleased with the contribution to crypto

Slava Rubin, one of the platform’s co-founders, is no surprise with the latest report on searches on their platform. The executive believes that the popularity of the crypto space is why there is so much attention to the space by many. He also credits this cryptocurrency growth to the influence of many crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Co. They have continued to create innovative products and services, much to the delight of the crypto community and the public. Rubin also believes that Bitcoin ETFs and Trust services, looking to be exploited by the average potential investor, is another reason why crypto-related searches are currently high on Vincent.

Rubin also feels that while many see cryptocurrencies as just Bitcoin and Ethereum, many uninitiated individuals are exploring the idea of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to Rubin, this is another reason why the crypto searches will continue to be high on Vincent. However, the executive expressed his delight that Vincent contributes to the cryptocurrency space’s growth, whose market cap is now closing on the $3 trillion mark.