Virtual Real Estate Gets the Back of an Iconic Crypto Investor

Mike Novogratz remains one of the most passionate crypto-investing billionaires around the world, and he is not stopping anywhere with his investments. If there is something related to crypto or blockchain, or anything that turns conventional to futuristic, Novogratz will be there to back it.

Recently, Novogratz has shown great interest in Republic Realm, which is a company creating a virtual world—yes, the type of virtual world you have only seen in movies. The company has named its virtual world quite aptly i.e. Decentraland. Could there be a better name for the first virtual world?

This world, however, is quite empty right now and the developers are working hard to populate it. They are supposed to fill it not only with people, but things, places, and events that would keep the people interested and entertained.

Republic Realm has been working to introduce more ways to make its world lively. It would buy from people who own either NFTs, crypto coins, or other items of value in the real estate realm from people. The company has been buying more and more space recently to increase the size of its virtual world.

The most recent purchase for the company was $900,000. The process, even though it’s in the virtual world, is quite similar to what happens in the real world. The company would buy empty and unoccupied lands or plots and build various buildings on them.

This idea seems to have to piqued the interest of Novogratz, who has been so fond of digital currencies that he didn’t mind quitting his engagements at Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investments. Galaxy Digital is the name of his new company that’s all about digital currencies.

Novogratz, through its VC side of the business, has been quite a lucrative addition to the world of crypto investors. Even the higher-ups of Republic Realm have not held themselves back from admiring the efforts that are being put in by the billionaire.

In the world of digital coins, one of the green signals for early and small investors of any digital currency is the backing of that currency by some billionaire or millionaire. It serves as a confidence booster for them and allows them to go ahead with their investments in newbie coins with less fear.

Also, investments into new crypto startups by billionaires like Novogratz provide the much-needed market boost to new currencies. The news of a billionaire investing in a crypto coin gives its value a huge bump.

So, if you have been thinking about being a part of the virtual world by selling your virtual piece of land, you can now proceed with your investments in the direction of Republic Realm.