What is Bitcoin Mixer and Why to Use It?

What is Bitcoin Mixer and Why to Use It

Are you struggling to understand the term ‘’Bitcoin Mixing or Bitcoin Mixer’’? No worries, you are at the right place. Bitcoin is one of the greatest innovations of last decade. It’s a digital currency or a form of electronic money that isn’t regulated by any central body. There’re a number of ways you can earn from Bitcoin and its associated processes. A Bitcoin mixer (tumbler) is a process by which users hide their Bitcoin transaction history to stay on the safe side, avoiding potential hacking attempts.

Many people opt to use Bitcoin for buying products, making donations and P2P payments, thanks to its anonymity and low transaction fees. However, Bitcoin transactions aren’t completely anonymous. Anyone can see all the BTC transactions on a decentralized public ledger called Blockchain, where all the Bitcoin transactions are recorded. This means your BTC transactions can be monitored and traced by potential hackers. This is where Bitcoin mixing services (https://mixertumbler.com/) come in. Bitcoin mixing services are ideal for those who don’t want the entire world to keep tabs on their BTC transactions.

What is Bitcoin Mixer and Why to Use It

How does it work?

Mixing services providers break the coins used in the transaction into fractions, and then combine them with other fragmented portions from other clients. Bitcoin mixing relies on third party service that makes BTC transactions disjointed. If you want the addresses that you used in the transaction to remain unknown from suspicious eyes, then Bitcoin tumbling or mixing can be the best option for you.

In simple words, a Bitcoin tumbler serves as a juice mixer where your coins get mixed with others to provide you with a complete anonymity and keep you from potential hacking attempts.

How to choose the best Bitcoin mixing services?

Choosing the right bitcoin mixer isn’t an easy thing. You need to spend some time doing your research to shortlist the best service providers meeting your criteria. To choose the best coin mixer, you need to consider the following things:

Mixing fees

Before you finalize a Bitcoin mixer, it’s important that you double check their fee structure. There’s no point in working with an expensive mixing services provider. Wondering how low or hight are the fees? Fees ranging from 1-percent to 5-percent are considered affordable and low.


Some BTC mixing services require its users to go through registration before they can use their mixing services. There’s no lack of scammers who can use registration as a tool to steal your personal information to trace sending and receiving addresses. So, it’s highly recommended that you look for those mixing services that don’t require registration.

Use online platform like Quora

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