What is CVA?

Crypto Village Accelerator

CVA stands for Crypto Village Accelerator. It is the first global accelerator. the main purpose behind this global project is to prevent the capital of investors.Scam is the biggest concern associated with investment in cryptocurrency. We, being a global accelerator will eliminate scams and make sure that the best projects are brought into the market.

Crypto Village Accelerator Smart contracts will only release funds to the projects once the agreed milestone is achieved. We are in private sale and we have already collected soft cap.

Crypto Village Accelerator

Parts of CVA ecosystem:

CVAs ecosystem consists of

  • Financial growth program
  • An exchange fiat-crypto
  • A loan program
  • The study
  • A launchpad
  • An acceleration program
  • A marketplace

Launch date of version 1 of App:

The financial growth program will be launched in October in the first version of the app. The launchpad, an exchange fiat-crypto and acceleration program for projects will also be launched with it.

Purpose of financial growth program:

The main purpose behind the launch of this financial growth program is that it will help users in making money through our staking, affiliate marketing, watching videos and by investing in our selected projects. Earning through staking:

You can stake CVA tokens. This can be done by locking up the digital assets in a special section of the app. Through CVA tokens, you can earn a staking gain up to 120%.

Investment risks can be reduced by building a differentiated portfolio. We guide our users and provide them a strategy to follow which can help them in increasing their monthly passive income.

Purpose of the launchpad:

It will provide you the facility of investing in various phases of a blockchain program. It will also help you in buying digital assets which ae already available in the market. You can build a differentiated portfolio by only investing a part of your earning.

Crypto-fiat exchange:

This will provide you the facility to buy cryptocurrency directly from main fiat currencies which will be available in the app.

Accelerator protocol:

It is the part which helps best blockchain projects to bring success to their companies.

Second version of app:

In the first quarter of 2021, the second version of the app will be launched. This new version will add more features to the launchpad. It will also introduce other forms of income in the financial growth program. Moreover, more features such as escrow, the studio, the loan program, the marketplace, the training section and Blockchain event section will be added in the second version of the app.

How will this new version be helpful:

This version will enable the users to invest in real estate investments directly in CVA. The escrow will be implemented for investments which will be dedicated to the projects which do not have their assets in the market.

Professionals and projects will be provided the facility to interact and know each other by adding a studio section in the second version of the app.

You can use a collateral in cryptocurrency to receive CVA through the loan program.

If you want to monitor all the digital assets working in the market, then this can be done by the marketplace feature.

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, digital assets and do not know how the investments work, then do not worry because a feature known as training section will be added to the app as well. In this section, you can take a training course for expanding and enhancing your knowledge about the working of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, or investments etc.

If users are interested in keeping a track of the best blockchain and crypto events are currently happening or will be happening in the future, then they can do this through the events section which will also be launched in the second version of app.

Crypto exchanges CVA is associated with:

The crypto exchange platforms help users to trade in cryptocurrencies for other assets

CVA is associated with following crypto exchanges:

  • EtherFlyer
  • Bilaxy
  • CAT.EX

Making money with CVA:

Unit value per CVA token is $0.5. this amount can be paid in cryptocurrency, or by a bank transfer. You will receive CVA tokens directly in your ECR20 wallet. You can use an ERC20 MYETHERWALLET or TRUST wallet or METAMASK or CATEX.IO wallet or VINDAX.COM wallet or GRAVIEX.NET wallet.

Now let us talk about packages

  • $50 package to buy 100 CVA token
  • $100 package to buy 200 CVA token
  • $200 package to buy 400 CVA token
  • $500 package to buy 1000 CVA token
  • $1000 package to buy 2000 CVA token
  • $3000 package to buy 6000 CVA token

So minimum purchase is 50 tokens.

CVA Staking:

Staking CVA means that you are holding CVA to verify transactions and support the network. In exchange for holding the crypto and strengthen the network, you will receive a reward. You can also call it an interest. With staking you can generate a passive income by holding it. Besides that you receive a reward (in the form of extra tokens), you can earn extra when the coin increases in value. So how much reward you are getting with CVA staking is upto you because we have different packages for it. The highest  reward you can get with CVA staking is 20% per month.

Our team:

First, we will tell about the chief executive officer and chief marketing officer.

Carlo Buonpane is the chief executive officer CEO of Crypto Village Accelerator. he is a serial entrepreneur, and a blockchain and crypto expert. He is an investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. He is an expert in strategy and fundraising in ICO/IEO. He has been an investor and advisor in around 30 projects. He gained experience in DOBI, Bitmart, Kucoin and other top 20 exchanges. .com

Waqar Yousaf is the chief marketing officer. He is considered one of the top marketing experts in startup and Blockchain area in the world. He is a digital entrepreneur and growth hacker. He has 13 years of experience and specialized in increasing target traffic and sales.


  • Two people deal with compliance and all legal activities
  • Two deal with accounting management
  • Two work on communication and social media management
  • Four work on developing web platform

Hope that now you are very much familiar with Crypto Village Accelerator.