Why .icu (I See You) is the Perfect New Domain Extension for Promoting your Business on Social Media

For better or for worse, we have all experienced the effects of a first impression. Perhaps you were captivated by someone’s politeness, demeanor, or authenticity, or put off by their clothes or personality. When it comes to promoting a business online, a proper name symbolizes your reputation, your business, and your goals. The domain name is so critical because it’s your first (and sometimes only) impression and it helps you promote your business, particularly using social media. The platform .icu (I see you) is helping business around the world build that reputation and leave that enhanced first impression.

.icu is what’s known as a generic top-level domain, delegated in ICANN’s new program allowing ownership of new and innovative domain extensions. With such saturated registrations across the industry, new extensions have allowed businesses to stand apart from the crowd and create more recognizable websites. The advantage is clear: lead customers to your site using a clear, easy to remember domain name that is directly linked to your company and brand.

The .icu advantage expands beyond just a new extension that allows for specific and recognizable registrations for your business. The main benefits are:

  • Marketing and branding of products: It reflects the applicant’s latest business or products, meaning it helps with SEO and driving traffic
  • Simple and easy to remember: Three letter domain extensions are understood by consumers, easy to identify, and simple enough to remember.
  • It’s universally understood: With products spanning national and even regional borders, universal, language agnostic, and cross-industry names are crucial to being recognized by consumers all over the world.

The business landscape is only becoming more competitive every day, with customer connection paramount to overall success. While social media is critical to growing your online presence and reaching a larger audience, a website is the most important factor of consumers trusting a brand online. .icu gives your business the best chance of being recognized, remembered and trusted.

Interested in Registering? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • .icu officially launched in May 2018, meaning countless short domains are still available for registration
  • Registrations are completed via Registrars, you can visit nic.icu to search for available domains and find a Registrar to process your order
  • Once you own the domain, the space is yours so long as you renew each year. Keep your names active so you don’t lose your online real estate
  • With any new domain, websites can be built from the ground up or transferred from existing websites. Either way, register your brand!

Altogether, .icu provides deeper connectivity to businesses and people globally, is secure to create and manage, is transferrable, and is the only way to create the best first impression possible. Despite having the best social media presence, you must create a trusted and reliable website for your target audience to understand your business, your brand, and your messaging in one active site.