Will TAGZ Be a Good Buy For Token Holders?

Will TAGZ Be a Good Buy For Token Holders

One may have trouble finding the best token investment option, thanks to a big competition out there. TAGZ, Australia’s first fully regulated dual gateway exchange, is gaining steam among crypto enthusiasts and investors. There’re a number of ways you can earn by investing in TAGZ token. Before we go any further into details, it’s important to know what TAGZ is.

Will TAGZ Be a Good Buy For Token Holders

What is TAGZ?

TAGZ is the first fully regulated dual gateway exchange based in Australia, which allows you to trade either Derivative Futures or the Traditional Crypto Market or both at the same time under one roof. Users can trade premium base pairs such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Altcoins and Litecoin against AUD & USD. They can also trade with up to 200x leverage on all TAGZ base pairs such as ETH/TAGZ, BTC/TAGZ, LTC/TAGZ, AND XRP/TAGZ.

Accepted by the ASIC, the TAGZ exchange is also AML/CTF compliant and registered with AUSTRAC. The team at TAGZ is very committed to

Is it Safe to invest in TAGZ Token?

If you or any of your colleagues is looking for a good token investment, TAGZ token can be the best option you can go with, as it has the potential to grow big in no time. You just need to register a free account to participate in TAGZ ICO and get up to 75% off the TAGZ Token sale, which is scheduled to start on May 20 2019 (9:00 AM). Users can trade from anywhere in the world and exchange cryptocoins with greatest accuracy and reliability. There’re a number of commissions programs it offers to attract more users. Users can earn a perpetual 25-percent affiliate commission on all trades from each referral they bring to the platform. So, now is the best time to invest in TAGZ token to earn a healthy ongoing earning.

As already stated above, TAGZ is fully licensed and directly reports to the AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports & Analysis Centre). It employs Smart Al Engine to offer optimum protection against any hacking attempts. The back-end platform actively keeps tabs on all trading activity in real-time while eliminating pertinent issues such as sudden flash crashes, spoofing, pump & dumps, and fake volume.

It will be the first of its kind in Australia to allow trading for both Derivative Futures and Traditional Crypto at the same time under one roof. Here’s what the team behind TAGZ says about its project:

‘’TAGZ is Australia’s first fully regulated Dual Gateway Exchange based in Melbourne, Australia and accepted by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Our focus is to protect our users by actively monitoring trading activity on our platform and saying goodbye to flash crashes, pump & dumps, spoofing, fake volume as well as securing against possible data security breaches. Our platform offers access to Traditional Crypto and Derivative Futures with the ability to trade both at the same time on one platform.’’

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