What is Bitcoin Mixer and Why to Use It?

Are you struggling to understand the term ‘’Bitcoin Mixing or Bitcoin Mixer’’? No worries, you are at the right place. Bitcoin is one of the greatest innovations of last decade. It’s a digital currency or a form of electronic money that isn’t regulated by any central body. There’re a…


Bill Gates interested in Crypto Currency Quant (QNT)…?

That means, that well-known computer system Windows goes into oblivion and change all computer world and especially Quant project’s life itself! – “How many times can you upgrade something? We are looking for revolutionary change, Quant is really an interesting solution”-…


November Wellness Resort in Phuket Has Started Accepting Bitcoin

If you’re a passionate traveler and cryptocurrency devotee who wants to bring new options for the crypto community, you want to travel with independence around the world, starting with Phuket, Thailand. Trend and innovation in hospitality A luxury and wellness hotel experience has arrived in…


Steps to start in the Cryptoworld

What really is Cryptocurrency? How do I start? Will, I really gain from it? Is it worthy of my spare money? Those are the most common question that we have – at first. We get curious about it as it is all over the internet, your friends talk about it, and even on the news. […]


Ellipal — The Cold Wallet 2.0 Review

The Ellipal Cold Wallet 2.0 is a new cryptocurrency hardware wallet created by a Hong Kong-based company. How good is it? How does it fare when compared to Ledger or Trezor wallet? You’ll find the answers to these and many more in this article. Overview of Ellipal Hardware wallets are physical,…